Five Tibetans Rites For Healthy Aging


Carolinda Witt

Carolinda took an ancient Tibetan anti-aging routine known as The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation and made it more achievable for our modern western lifestyle.
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The sum of the parts

For many years, the connections between our mind and body were viewed with skepticism, even derision, and those who believed in their significance were looked on by many as mystical pseudo-scientists. While charlatans do exist, as they have for centuries, the existence and importance of both hard-wired and soft-wired connections are recognized by almost all health practitioners today.

There are many ways to utilize these connections for health and aging. The Five Tibetans Rites are simply one of them. This website covers just a few of the more commonly practiced mind-body techniques. While all of these have been shown to be effective when looking at groups of people, not everyone will work for all of us. There will, however, be one that is right for each one of us, one that each of us can incorporate effortlessly into our daily routine to strengthen, support and renew. It may be a slow process, which takes a long-term commitment.

Yoga in the Fast Lane – Five Tibetans Rites

  • This rejuvenation technique has long been practiced by Tibetan Buddhist monks to slow aging, increase energy, calm the mind and strengthen the body.
  • The story goes that in the 1930s, retired British Army officer Colonel Bradford discovered a remote Tibetan monastery where the resident monks were very old, yet appeared amazingly healthy and ‘ageless’.
  • The monks claimed that the secret to slowing aging lay in the five special movements they performed daily, which stimulated the flow of a natural life-energy throughout their bodies.
  • T5T is a modified version of the original Five Tibetan rites. Ten minutes per day of practice is all you need. It was developed by Carolinda Witt to take into account how our very different, modern, sedentary lifestyles are from the traditional, more menial lives of the Tibetan monks. The integrity of the original five rites remains intact, but T5T makes the practice simple to perform.
  • T5T takes these ancient movements and boosts their power by combining them with an energy-boosting breathing method and core stability training to strengthen our belly and protect our spine. T5T makes us strong from the inside out.

Options to optimize your mind body connection

  • Book in to a meditation class
  • Learn the breathing technique outlined in this section and practice it at least three times daily.
  • Buy an HRV training tool, such as the Resilience Builder – go to
  • Get eight hours of sleep a night
  • Go for regular walks in the park
  • Join a ‘laughter club’ – go to
  • In situations of conflict, take a deep breath before you respond
  • Join a yoga course or do regular sessions (as a group or solo)
  • On a daily basis, practice a creative visualization in which you see yourself happy and in peak condition as you age
  • Enjoy yourself: those who laugh, love and live better tend to live longer, too
  • Find a quite place at lunchtime to collect your thoughts
  • Cultivate mindfulness – Buy a CD that teaches mindfulness or do a class
  • On a daily basis, practice a creative visualization in which you see yourself happy and in peak condition as you age
  • Join a yoga course or do regular sessions (as a group or solo).  Embrace T5T as a simple starting point with real benefits

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